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     Week beginning September 26th:

Each Sunday now we continue to meet in our facility following the appropriate covid protocols. So, we are looking forward to meeting again live, in person, in our facility, this and each Sunday at 10:45. Its not quite the same without you so I hope you can be with us. If you are unable to attend, the video of the morning message is available on our website by Sunday afternoon or evening.

For details on children’s or youth ministry as we transition back to our indoor facility check with Kristen.  Thanks to all who help with the Treasure Seekers program.

Prayer meeting continues in person, indoors at 1pm on Tuesdays. Everyone is welcome.

Path of Recovery is now meeting every Monday Night at 7pm. Please pray for this important program and if you can volunteer some hours please contact Leona.  

The Thrift Stop is now open Mondays from 10am to 3pm. Covid protocols will be in place.  Drop Offs are only accepted during these hours.  

If you have surplus garden produce you can bless others by bringing it to the Salvation Army Food bank early on Wednesday mornings at the church.

Please keep in mind that we will be taking a special offering on Thanksgiving Sunday October 10th for our building fund IE roof refurbishment needs.  We simply ask that you seek the Lord’s direction.  

Our fall members and adherents meeting (all welcome) will be held on November 21st following the morning service and a light lunch. Please plan to attend and be updated on the budget for 2022 and other challenges facing our church.

Our office has returned to regular coverage from 9am to 4:30pm on Mondays and Thursdays but remember the staff can be called away on ministry emergencies so you may wish to call before traveling to the office.