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  Updated as of January 19th

Hopefully the pandemic will give us a reminder of the great privilege we have in normal times of being able to meet without fear or restrictions to worship. Church attendance during the pandemic has been generally down throughout North America. That certainly is the case with many churches here in Florida. Connie and I had occasion for a time to live where going to church involved considerable risk. The experience gave us a new appreciation for the freedom we enjoy in Canada. Hopefully the pandemic with its risk of infection and restrictions will remind us of the blessing of freedom to worship that we enjoy. Will attendance return to pre pandemic levels when the virus subsides? I hope so! I hope that staying at home and missing the fellowship, teaching and worship will not become a routine that is difficult to break. Spiritual disciplines are important, and assembling ourselves together on a regular basis is a critical one of these. Many still have to be careful because of their vulnerable situation, but for those of us who can, let’s remember what a privilege and blessing it is to be able to attend church.

For details on children’s or youth ministry check with Kristen.  Please note that our nursery has reopened for the Sunday service.

  Prayer meeting continues in person, indoors at 1pm on Tuesdays. Everyone is welcome.

 Path of Recovery is now meeting every Monday Night at 7pm.

  The thrift stop is now closed until further notice due to the new covid concerns,  

  Our office has returned to regular coverage from 9am to 4:30pm on Mondays and Thursdays but remember the staff can be called away on ministry emergencies so you may wish to call before traveling to the office.                                                                                                           Pastor Dave