David Oppertshauser
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   Today we are focusing on remembering, on the sanctity of human life, and on our Lord’s repeated call for peace.  With the election now safely in our rear view mirror for at least a while, I suppose it’s safe to talk a little bit about politics and political parties.             During the campaign you probably didn’t hear much about party leader Liz White. She heads up the Animal Protection Party of Canada. And yes, it is a duly registered political party of Canada, along with the Pirate Party of Canada, The Marijuana Party, The Rhinoceros Party and a few others.             The Animal Protection Party lobbies for the prevention of cruelty to animals and the use of animals for food. I happen to be pro animals. Animal cruelty is something that I believe all believers should detest. But I find it troubling how much focus and attention our culture gives to animals and animal life compared with concern for human life. Now even a political party exists, dedicated to animal rights issues while all the major parties run away from even being willing to talk about or discuss pro-life issues or more specifically the rights of the unborn. Compare this cultural position with that of the Bible which endorses animal meat for food but proclaims the sanctity of human life.             Polls show that about 25% of Canadians have at least to some degree pro life views. That’s certainly not enough to change our current laws but surely it should merit some discussion. The same disregard for the sanctity of human life could be said about Medically Assisted Suicide. Yes, there is lots of discussion but mostly about loosening the existing laws. This despite considerable evidence from countries that are further down this slippery slope that misuse the laws intent and even have incidences where death has been decided for those unable to make the decision for themselves. In their most fundamental form these are examples of violence perpetrated on human life. They stand in stark opposition to the scriptures call for peace. They ignore the scriptures declaration that human life is sacred, handle with thanksgiving and care in all its life stages from conception to death. Jesus calls us to peace. Be a peace maker in all your relationships, speak up for peace and the sanctity of human life.                                                 Pastor Dave